Medical images wherever and whenever you need them. Fully featured archive, robust and secure.


ISM is a fully scalable Image Storage Management server designed to serve images quickly and for failsafe, long-term archiving of medical data. Combining several storage technologies, the system provides highly secure data protection.

Secure and scalable

High performance, high security and highly scalable – a fully featured DICOM compatible image storage system.


Disaster Recovery – coupled to a tape library, files are continuously written to disk and tape, generating two physical copies of the data without any direction from the user.

Protection against server failure – Cadran ISM can mirror all data received to a second Cadran ISM server providing a complete functional replacement in the event of a network or server failure.



  • Multi terabyte storage
  • Continuous back-up to tape and disk
  • Simultaneous RAID storage (for rapid access)and tape storage (for security and reliability)
  • Readily scalable through easy addition of extra storage devices
  • Study-centric hierarchical storage management
  • Near-line / off-line archive / disaster recovery to DVD or tape
  • Integration with HIS / RIS via HL7 interface


Cadran Personal Viewers are designed to display DICOM images from cardiology and radiology equipment.

Core Capabilities Plus Edition

Images are not source dependent

All Cadran viewers display images from ALL vendors, so that they can be used trouble-free in mixed-vendor environments or referral centres.

True digital moving images

Unlike many viewers, our software has been designed from conception to display moving images which means they are fully integrated into the viewer application and can be manipulated just like still images.

All image types are displayed

All still and moving images can be displayed from within the same program giving an unprecedented combination of utility and high performance.


Ready integration with third-party systems

Cadran viewers implement industry-standard interfaces to ease integration with other hospital systems.

Easy to use

The viewer interfaces are intuitive and designed to fit into the workflow of a cardiology or radiology departments. As a result there is a very shallow learning curve to get to grips with the viewers.

Developed with input from ‘real’ users

Our software has been designed with input from leading professionals in the cardiology and radiology fields. We work closely with these people and incorporate their feedback at every stage of development.

Designed for personal use, whether reviewing work or preparing for talks and presentations Viewer Plus displays DICOM and non-DICOM images from medical equipment using a standard PCand encompasses a study library and measurement and analysis tools.

Study Library

Cadran Viewer Plus can store up to 100 cases locally without the need for a database or network connection, making it a truly portable solution. Alternatively, the viewer can be linked to a database via a network, or coupled with a stand-alone archive maximising its potential.

Import/export all modalities

All manufacturer inputs and all image modalities can be read and displayed. Images can be exported as jpegs, bitmaps and AVI movies.



Presentation mode hides patient details

Present and review with colleagues using Presentation Mode which allows all patient identification details to be hidden, helping to secure patient confidentiality.

Export multi-frame movies
  • show CT Chest at lung and soft-tissue window
  • show multiple slices of the heart cardiac MR beating simultaneously
  • show multiple views of stress echo
Workgroup Edition

Workgroup Edition converts any hospital PC into a highly useable viewing workstation which integrates fully with the local DICOM network. Patient files are managed through Cadran Server Lite.


Diagnostic Viewer is available as a fully-featured application for clinical use and can be coupled with a powerful server for failsafe data protection

Integrated System

Diagnostic Workstation

Diagnostic Workstation integrates into the hospital network and includes:

  • Measurement and analysis tools – to assist diagnosis
  • Full DICOM networking – to connect directly to cath labs and the hospital network
  • Export tools – export DICOM files, movies or jpeg images
  • Patient Editor – modify patient records or anonymise files for review

Diagnostic Gateway

Diagnostic Gateways are custom solutions which bridge gaps between hospital imaging and storage applications and devices. Bespoke features are designed to fit a hospital’s individual needs which might, for example, include scheduled DICOM sends and store-and-forward projects.


Cloud lets you access static and dynamic images across an intranet or internet using standard web browsers. Advanced compression and transmission techniques mean bandwidth consumption is minimised and images load quickly.

Work remotely

Cloud for Remote Reviewing

Images can be interactively reviewed across a hospital site, or from one hospital to another without loss of data quality. Ideal for multi-site multi-discipliary teams and for reviewing images of a patient at a treatment centre before they arrive from the referral centre, or even to make life easier for clinicians who want to check through today’s patients having to go to the hospital or consultancy suite.

Discuss images interactively over a network – share data with colleagues from any PC or laptop interface and indicate points of interest interactively, making discussions easier and more efficient.


Cloud for Teaching

Cadran Cloud can be used as a computer-based teaching tool to reinforce classroom learning. It uses PACS technology to manage a central databank of medical images. Teachers can select images and use them as the basis for an interactive quiz.

Students can be set a variety of different question types and respond as part of a classroom session or as individuals working in timed sessions or at their own pace.


Share and transport patient data under current NHS guidelines to ensure compliance and security

Shared and secure

Data Exporter

This tool allows the creation of a CD or DVD where all of the patient identifiable information has been encrypted using AES-256 encryption. The CD or DVD is encrypted using a “pass-phrase” chosen by the person writing the CD or DVD. This pass-phrase is then sent to the intended CD recipient.

The CD or DVD includes an application which (once the pass-phrase has been entered) allows the recipient to:

  • view images directly from the CD
  • extract the data to a folder on the local computer or network
  • extracted data in a format ready to be written to a second un-encrypted DICOM compliant CD or DVD

Produced in line with current NHS guidelines to ensure that all patient data being transported elsewhere was done so in a secure manner.


Cadran Image Utility Lite removes identifying information from DICOM data before exporting for research and training

Ensure anonymity

This tool removes identifying DICOM tags from DICOM data on disk or CD and exports them to a folder or CD/DVD.  A list of typical DICOM tags based on DICOM part 15 is provided or you can create your own from the provided template.

Please note: Images produced are for non-diagnostic use.